Why Rehab to Perform?

One hour meetings

After the initial assessment,  one hour follow-ups allow a complete treatment plan to be put into action. This includes manual therapy, corrective exercises that are taught accordingly, training/activity modifications and education. Nikolas Bibic

This  allows the person to be more independent and less dependent on the therapist during their rehabilitation.

Nikolas Bibic

Located in a gym, we have the tools, equipment and space necessary to optimize your return to sport and your functional activities

The lack of knowledge in strength and sport training in rehabilitation creates huge gap between the worlds of rehabilitation and sports performance.

At Rehab to Perform, the treatment plan always takes into account the athletic qualities necessary for the demands of the sport. We bridge that gap between rehab and performance.

Nikolas Bibic

is a young physiotherapist who is passionate about movement and athletic performance.

Growing up playing many sports, especially hockey, soccer, track and field and competing in CrossFit at national levels (2016 East Regionals), he has developed an expertise in functional training and in return to sport rehabilitation.

In terms of CrossFit and functional training, in addition to his athletic background, he is the first Canadian and the only physiotherapist in Quebec to hold the Cert-CMFA certification from the Institute of Clinical Excellence (Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete), specializing in the care of a functional training athlete.

This allows him to integrate his knowledge of biomechanics of the human body and training with athletic performance.

Education and other courses:

  • MSc. Pht : Masters in Physiotherapy- Laval University, Quebec, Canada
  • Cert-CMFA : Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete- Institute of Clinical Excellence
  • Cert. C-PS : Champion Performance Specialist
  • Evaluation and Treatment of the Shoulder and Knee – Mike Reinold
  • FMT taping : Rocktape
  • Manual therapy level 1 AQPMA
  • Sports First Responder
  • Sturdy Shoulder Solutions : Eric Cressey