Perfromance Optimization

Do you have recurring discomfort during certain movements, or do you want to optimize your performance in CrossFit?

This assessment is specific to CrossFit athletes and allows you to understand your limitations related to mobility and / or stability during certain movements.

In addition to the assessment, a treatment plan (including exercises) will be built to help you get back to CrossFit as fast as possible.

Physiotherapy assessment and follow-up: 90$ / 60 mins. 65$ / 30 mins.
For a more complete rehabilitation plan, please refer to therapy as performance therapy.

CrossFit Perfromance Optimization
CrossFit Perfromance Optimization
CrossFit Perfromance Optimization
CrossFit Perfromance Optimization

Online coaching / movement analysis

For less than the cost of a private training session, a weightlifting or gymnastics movement will be analyzed from several different angles (which will be specified)

  • A slow motion video and an analysis of the movement will be presented to the athlete and compared to an optimal movement / technique.
  • 3 exercises / program (per movement) will be given to the athlete so that they can improve their technique, mobility, stability or strength related to the movement.

Here is an example of a motion analysis:

( 45$ – 1 ) movement

( 99$ – 3 ) movements

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