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Geriatric physiotherapy

Geriatric physiotherapy | Rehab to Perform

Rehab to Perform also specializes in geriatric physiotherapy at home.

We work with seniors in their homes to allow them to stay
independent, safe and to improve their quality of life, in order to preserve their
autonomy as long as possible.

Following the initial assessment, the physiotherapist will also create an home exercise program that will be progressed throughout subsequent physiotherapy follow-ups.

Whether for the presence of pain, preventing falls or getting back into shape
following a hospitalization, our interventions are always according to your personal goals.

We 100% believe that age is just a number and that advanced age should not
become a justification for pain and loss of function.

Movement is the best medicine and we’d love to help you
improve your physical condition, to allow you to maintain a
healthy and active lifestyle.

Cost for initial evaluation and follow ups: 95$ / hour * Cost may increase depending on location and travel time.


With the goal of bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance, Rehab to
Perform presents seminars on a variety of topics in the field of
training, for both coaches and athletes.

For example, workshops on mobility, movement, anatomy, prevention of
injuries, movement modifications during rehab, etc. will be part of our covered content.

If you are a coach, trainer, gym owner and would like to
have a seminar for your members and/or coaches, do not hesitate to write to to discuss it further!

Stay tuned for future seminar announcements by following us on
social media.

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