Movement Optimization

Online performance therapy

Movement Optimization | Online performance therapy

You do not live in the greater Montreal area?
Rehab to Perform offers online rehabilitation and movement optimization services to allow you to train without pain and to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance.

We offer the same online service as explained in performance therapy

This 100% online service includes:

  • An initial assessment and screening of movement online by a physiotherapist (60-75mins)
  • A program of individualized exercises progressed over 4 weeks and modifications to be made during training in order to heal the injury and to optimize movement
  • After the 1st month, the programs will be progressed during the follow-ups.
  • Corrective exercises will be included in the athlete’s warm-up and during their training session
  • Possibility of follow-up in collaboration with trainer and other health professional
  • 1 online follow-up lasting 30 minutes during the 1st month (or 2 x 15 mins)
  • Unlimited questions and emails
Movement Optimization | Online performance therapy

Movement Optimization

Cost: 180$ (tx incld.) for the 1st month (from the date of receipt of the program)

Future months: (includes 2 follow-ups, program modifications and unlimited questions and emails): 150$ /month

Physiotherapy assessment + rehab / prehab program


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Online physiotherapy evaluation and follow up

  • The same expertise, but from a distance!
  • Advice, home exercise plan, education  
  • An initial assessment and movement screening by a physiotherapist (60 mins) : 90$
  • Follow-up: 25 $ / 15 mins.
  • Unlimited questions and emails
  • Select: ” online services ”

Not sure if this approach can help you? Contact to schedule a free 15-20 minute video call to chat and see if online rehabilitation is right for you!