The physiotherapist is the health professional who specializes in movement analysis and injury rehabilitation. The initial physiotherapy assessment will analyze movement and biomechanics in detail to identify the cause and origin of your injury.

 Using manual therapy, corrective exercises and education, a plan will be made to eliminate your pain, optimize your function, and prevent future injuries.

In addition to the treatment, you will receive an individualized exercise plan which will be progressed over time according to the evolution of your condition and of your goals, so that you can return to your activities and optimize your movement without limitations.

You can read more about the profession of a physiotherapist at:

Sports physiotherapy

Conditions treated:

Back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, elbow and wrist pain

Cervicogenic headaches

Post-fracture rehabilitation and / or surgery

Numbness, tingling in the leg, arm and fingers (ex: sciatic nerve, herniated discs)

Lack of mobility and stability

Running related injuries and gait analysis

Accessory strengthening, motion analysis and manual therapy to optimize your movement

Do I have to be injured to have the right to consult a physiotherapist?

No. No. The physiotherapist is the movement expert and can identify movement-related dysfunctions and muscle weaknesses / imbalances that can either be the cause of persistent discomfort or that can lead to future injury.

Do I need a medical referral before going to physiotherapy?

No. You can consult a physiotherapist without medical referral.

In addition to injury rehabilitation, Rehab to Perform offers a performance therapy service that combines manual therapy and corrective exercise techniques, used to optimize your body movement, prevent future injuries and improve your performance.

Do you provide insurance receipts?

Yes, we can provide insurance receipts for physiotherapy assessments and follow-ups.